What happened 150 years ago in the South-West Finland?

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Meet our leaders

Our leaders are people who know Nokia inside out. Many of them began their career right here. Get to know them closer.

Taras Lukaniuk

The Head of the Technology Centre in Wrocław

Magdalena Żaba

The Leader in Radio Research & Development Unit

Maciej Dziedzic

The Head of the LTE technology R&D

Łukasz Starzak

HR Manager in Wrocław

Dariusz Sadecki

Financial Controller of the R&D Centre

Piotr Orski

The Head of R&D Laboratories of the Technology Centre in Wrocław

Piotr Szybuński

Head of SRAN Productization

Wojciech Plan

The Head of R&D

Sebastian Lasek

The Head of Network Engineering

Zbigniew Zarzeczny

The Head of the Department
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The only one like that in the world. 8 450 testing devices enclosed in 1300 telecommunications cabinets. Find out more about one of the most modern laboratories.

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Cooperation with universities

Focusing on innovations, for many years we have been cooperating with Polish universities, conducting lectures and seminars for students, inviting them for apprenticeship or implementing joint projects within the Innovative Projects initiative.

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EU projects

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We are socially responsible

See what CSR means for us and how we actively work for the local community.

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