Danuta Kowalczyk

Head of Radio Access Network Planning

Our technical laboratories generate ideas that will determine the direction and future of telecommunications in the coming years.

Danuta started her career at Nokia in 2003 as a software engineer. Over the years, Danuta has been responsible for many important projects that contributed to the development of Wroclaw Technology Center. Merging two largest organizations in Mobile Networks, exSRAN and ex5G, wouldn’t be possible without her full commitment, focus and ability to support all her direct reports and employees across different time zones.

Danuta is also a very visible persona outside of Nokia. One of her greatest advantages is open-mindness and inclusiveness of actions – she regularly promotes the development of competences related to the IT industry among women. In addition, she has won two prestigious awards: Strong Women in IT 2021 and Top 15 Women in IT 2020.