The ins and outs of CSR - that is how we do it in Wrocław

The activities undertaken in the area of CSR (corporate social responsibility) in Nokia are based on four pillars: awareness, engagement, inspiration and helping.
We focus on the immediate surroundings. We care primarily about employees and their families. We also care about the local community, the natural environment and we support public benefit organizations.

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Our commitment

Our CSR is not about seasonal initiatives, but thought-out, coherent and planned activities that we implement cyclically throughout the year. Check what we have managed to do and what actions our employees engage in. See what institutions we work with.

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The People&Planet report

The management of sustainable development and responsible business is reflected in social reporting. Each year we publish a global CSR report. In the report we present the most important aspects related to our activities in this field. It shows our local involvement from the global perspective. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our report.

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Do you have questions related to CSR?

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