Become a Nokia Hero

Employees can take up to two days off work a year for charity work, creating a community of “Nokia Hereos”. This way we reward volunteers who take social challenges. Here you can see what actions Nokia employees engage in.

We inform and inspire

In internal communication we put emphasis on education. We provide our employees with knowledge in the field of corporate social responsibility and we suggest how to implement CSR activities in practice.

An employee in the spotlight

We care about our employees and their relatives. Taking care of health and peace of mind of our employees and their families is one of our top priorities. The examples of such activities can be found here.

We support public benefit organizations

We are committed to actively support local public benefit organizations. This is due to the fact that we feel responsible for the environment in which we operate. Therefore, we share our knowledge and time with different kinds of organisations. We want to be a committed partner who helps them in achieving their objectives.

The knowledge to share

One of our most important resources is the knowledge of our employees. We want to share it with the community. We educate children and the elderly, we motivate and support the careers of women in IT. We enthusiastically encourage studies on science, sharing our experience and competence.

Why is the CSR activity important to us?