Most software developers look for an upgrade in their career paths. Many of them want to become seniors, others decide to pursue a management career, and finally, some of them find a job title with an “architect” in it attractive. But do you know what an architect position is really about?

In my talk, I would like to clarify some of the half-truths, myths, and misconceptions about this world – a world where technical prowess is assumed, and decision making is a part of daily routine, but where communication is often more important than coding.
Apart from demystifying scientia occulta of software architecture, requirements, documentation and quality attributes, I’ll tell you about the art of juggling multiple priorities, the all-important leadership tools (i.e. hammer, baseball bat and a cup of coffee), the pleasures of meetings and emails, the perils of bad decisions, the methods for picking your battles, and becoming an instant expert in anything. I hope that this short introduction will help you choose your next career move wisely – or at least more consciously.

What: Webinar
When: 22/02/2022
Platform: MS Teams
Language: English
Speaker: Maciej Norberciak

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