Nokia’s code::dive conference created an environment and opportunity for few bright minds to join and create a coalition of Polish companies that now have a real impact on changes in the next C++ releases.

C ++ language, which is at the centre of our attention every day because each of us uses this programming language, evaluates the same as our conference. Every year, the International Organization for Standardization announces new functionalities that we use: same as we add new languages in conference portfolio:

Until now, we have been passively watching the progress of ISO work, but thanks to the code::dive conference and some of the brightest minds in our organization there was an idea to join the community to have a real impact on creating the C ++ standard.

Thanks to Nokia Wrocław and above all a few people involved in the next releases of code::dive we created a Polish coalition of companies that created a legal entity that from now on will have a real impact on changes in the next releases!

I am delighted to announce that this month Subcommittee 331 responsible for Programming Languages in the Polish Committee for Standardization officially became a P-member of the ISO C++ Committee. With that, for the very first time in the history, Poland is not just an observer of the process but also has voting rights in the Committee and can officially influence the future of the C++ language.