code::dive 2018 has ended

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the conference – the attendees, the speakers, but also the core team and volunteers. code::dive 2018 was a big success all of us can be proud of.

Each year the event is becoming more and more recognizable thanks to the amazing speakers from all around the world. This year we had 53 speakers of which 11 were Nokia employees. There were 44 full lectures (1 hour) and 16 Lunch Talks – short, 15-minute speeches for which everyone could enlist. The interesting thing is that 11 of the LTs topics were submitted after the agenda had been announced (in October).

A few more numbers that you may find curious: 1531 people paid for the ticket, which generated nearly 40k PLN for the charity – Polski Związek Niewidomych Okręg Dolnośląski. Almost 1400 people took part in the event. For 2 days we’ve been live streaming the conference from 2 main stages out of 4 (you can now watch the videos on our YouTube channel). As of today, more than 4000 people have seen the streams.

Beside the lectures, there were also other attractions – the Coach Couch, the Invisible Exhibition and of course free snacks and gadgets. All in all, we are very satisfied with this edition of code::dive and can’t wait to work on the next one.

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