Network Management

Our Business Group is a leader in wireless mobility networks and associated services. With more than 3.500 patent families essential for 5G we have a strong 5G portfolio and are a front runner in open and virtualized radio access networks (O-RAN and vRAN).

The Nokia network management portfolio enables CSPs to use the power of virtualization, automation and analytics to efficiently manage any traditional or cloud-based network. With our field-proven solutions, operators can gain a consolidated view of their network, minimize downtime and provide the highest possible network quality to their customers. Our industry-leading offer for simplified resource management empowers Nokia customers to achieve speed, flexibility and growth in 5G and new open era.

CNS Business Applications Security

Security Business Group is responsible for creating security solutions and practical applications of ideas to help our customers secure their infrastructure and resources, mitigate security risks and prevent from modern cyber world treats. We mainly develop software applications in Java/Javascript, that address specific security issues. Our product are related to XDR/SOAR incident detection and automated mitigation, identity and access management, audits and reporting.  Implementing agile practices (SAFE), we deliver well developed and comprehensively tested products iteratively, few times during year. We are looking for Fullstack developers, who can work on various level of software and support automation of based on Cloud and microservice based software applications.