We have a pleasure the share with you the 5th edition of Nokia Book ! 

On the other hand, it is the 1st edition focused purely on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence concepts as well as their applications in telco industry.  

Traditionally Machine Learning in Telecommunication Networks is Happening Now. Check how the experts do it”, is publication written by experts from Wroclaw. On 144 pages, 24 authors from 8 departments presented their knowledge and experience in 19 valuable articles. 

 The book is divided into 4 chapters, which will give you insights in: 

  • General introduction to ML&AI, it’s history and typical applications in communications networks 
  • Introduction to ML&AI building blocks: various algorithms, techniques and concepts required to make it happen 
  • Real-case studies from Nokia projects realized in Wroclaw 
  • Software development aspects required to build effective ML&AI solutions 

Download, learn and enjoy the Nokia Book vol 5.!