Professional perfection knows no age, but it may be hard to keep the fire burning for many years doing the same. Once you at your prime, what challenges left? Probably you already know everything in your expertise area, which may lead to conclusion that your job become boring and that may be the first professional step to burn out. Starting something new may temporarily solve the problem but when you are again an expert, again you may have no challenges adequate to your attitude. Instead, please consider Nokia Inventor’s path for your professional career. Do not follow, lead!

During this course, you will be provided with information, which may encourage you to use your enormous professional knowledge and expertise for solving many problems, which in fact may be even not identified to be a problem. Thus, new and always fresh challenge may be emerged for you almost on daily basis, which may keep you eager and productive for ages, or so😉

Date: 3.12, 17:00
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Fabian Wiacek graduated from the Military University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics. Previously he worked in the Air Traffic Control domain. He has joined Nokia in 2017. Now he works as Requirement Engineer in Mobile Network LTE L2 and currently in the LTE UL PHY team. His passion is inventions. If you have any issues related to this topic, he may provide support for concept refinement.