Tomorrow, April 29, we are starting the next edition, this time fully online, of our lectures “Data Science @ Nokia” on the subject of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

As part of the subject, the main focus will be on aspects related to the use of modern methods of data analysis and processing in solving business problems. The techniques and methods presented will be supported by numerous examples illustrating how theoretical knowledge is used in Nokia to automate processes and develop a company’s commercial strategy.

Link to lectures

The link is active all the time, while participants will be admitted from the lobby to the meeting only during lectures, i.e. Wednesdays 16.00-18.00.


29.04 – Introduction
06.05 – Data collection and preprocessing
13.05 – Descriptive analytics
20.05 – Predictive analytics
27.05 – Prescriptive analytics
03.06 – Data visualization