Several editions of Nokia Junior Academy are behind us. We hosted children at the ages of from 5 to 16! Each group left the classroom with a wide smile.

During the first edition, our youngest participants programmed robots made of Lego blocks. It was quite a challenge, but the young programmers dealt with it perfectly! After all, learning through playing is the best way to build your knowledge.

The second edition was addressed to the older group that is already working with computers. This time the children dealt with the Scratch program. It is fun to create your own computer game, isn’t it? Sure it is! We were impressed by the projects that the children presented at the end of the meeting.

The third edition of Nokia Junior Academy was for a group of children over the age of 9. This time, the young programmers learned Python programming language. Even though the level of difficulty was definitely higher this time, our participants managed to deal with it.

However, this program is not only about programming. With the help of these events, we try to raise children’s awareness about environmental and health issues. At one of the meetings, children had the opportunity to learn a lot of important information about bees and their environmental impact, at the end of the classes they made their own beehives!

One of the last editions was aimed at spreading knowledge about health, children learned what we can replace sugar in everyday life and what products to choose to eat healthy. It was really interesting activity.

What will the next edition be about? Stay tuned for more information!