Job offers

Role Field Type
Data Analyst Working Student Data Science Working Student
Data Engineer Data Science Permanent Contract
Data Scientist with Python
Dedicated Wireless Networks Product Management Management Permanent Contract
DevOps Architect DevOps Permanent Contract
DevOps Engineer DevOps Permanent Contract
Digitalization Improvement Trainee Working Student
Diversity & Inclusion Talent Sourcing Expert Non-technical positions Permanent Contract
Fault Coordinator Other technical positions Permanent Contract
Feature Project Manager Management Permanent Contract

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As C++ Developer you will be responsible for software design, implementation, analyzing and solving complex engineering problems and hitches in radio technologies area.

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C Embedded

As C Embedded Software Developer you will contribute to system architecture, provide software design and implementation, test the software and eventually troubleshoot and solve problems.

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In this role you will be responsible for developing web-based application used in Mobile Networks department to support testers, program managers, fault coordinators etc. in their daily tasks.

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You will be responsible for design, implementation, analyzing and solving complex engineering problems regarding by building and delivery testing frameworks and take care of the uninterrupted operation of the testing system through cooperation with other departments around the world.

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Intergation & Testing

You will be responsible for debugging, isolation and resolving of various issues. You will have a chance to apply knowledge and experience to determine failure’s root cause.

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