Job offers

Role Field Type
DevOps Working Student with GROOVY DevOps Working Student
Engineer – Telco Cloud Permanent Contract
English Proofreader Summer Trainee Non-technical positions Summer Trainee
English Proofreader Working Student Working Student
Feature Program Manager Permanent Contract
Front-end Developer Working Student Working Student
Full Stack Web Developer Permanent Contract
Fullstack Java Developer Working Student Working Student
Fullstack Web Developer – Working Student Software Development Working Student
Global Admin Support Working Student Working Student

Why is it worth working with us?


The opportunity to work for a world leader in the telecommunications industry which provides solutions for the largest worldwide operators of mobile networks is not the only benefit that we offer.
We also provide a wide range of benefits for you and your family.


Relocation package

Do you want to work in the Nokia centre in Wroclaw? We will help you to arrange it! Just sign a declaration of complying with the above terms and conditions on your first day and you will receive your relocation bonus!

Relocation package

Skills development

With us you have the opportunity to acquire, supplement or upgrade your competencies in terms of both technical and soft skills. The choice of the development path depends on you - we will take care of the rest.

Skills development

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Did not find the offer that interests you? Write to us in what technology you feel best. We will check what we can offer..

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